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Exterior Detailing Services

Shine Your Character Through The Road

Buff ‘N Seal (Up To 12 Months Protection)

$200 – $400

This Service Includes

After the vehicle has been washed and environmental fallout removed with detailers clay the paint is inspected for water spots, swirls, and scratches. The paint will be machine buffed and corrected with a medium duty polish to remove imperfections that can be removed. This is our 2 Step Buffing Process. After the buffing process has been completed a Polymer Paint Sealant will be machine applied. This is the perfect protection for the cold winters and hot Georgia summers. This service includes:

  • Spot Free Hand Wash
  • Decontaminate paint with detailers clay
  • Remove tar and road grime
  • Paint correction buffing and polishing
  • Machine apply Polymer Paint Sealant
  • Dress tires and trim
  • Vacuum interior
  • Wipe down dashboard and steering column
  • Clean all windows and mirrors

Price: $200 – $400 depending on size of vehicle – Add $100 – $200 for compounding which would then be considered a 3 Step Process


Ceramic Hand Wash & Express Coating (Up To 12 Months Protection)

$150– $200

This Service Includes

We include our Ceramic Hand Wash with this service. We use detailers clay to remove the “invisible dirt” and environmental fallout that is stuck to the painted surfaces. Tar overspray and road grime is chemically removed from all body panels. Our Graphene Coating Spray is then hand applied to the painted surfaces and will shine and protect up to 12 months. This service includes:

  • Spot Free Hand Wash
  • Decontaminate paint with detailers clay
  • Remove tar and road grime
  • Machine apply Cherry Wet Wax
  • Dress tires
  • Vacuum interior
  • Wipe down dashboard and steering column
  • Clean all windows and mirrors

Price: $150 – $200 depending on size of vehicle

Ceramic Hand Wash

$75 – $150

This Service Includes

Our Ceramic Hand Wash is more than just a car wash. We thoroughly clean the wheels, tires, wheel wells, remove bug splatters and use a special carwash shampoo that has polymers that will make your car’s paint shine! We only use Ceramic Carwash Shampoo. This service includes:

  • Scrub wheel/tires/wheel wells
  • Chemically remove bug splatters
  • Foam gun bubble bath
  • Spot free rinse
  • Microfiber towel dry
  • Dry all jambs
  • Vacuum interior
  • Clean outside/inside windows and mirrors
  • Wipe down dashboard and steering column
  • Dress tires

Price: $75 – $150 depending on size of vehicle

Add $50 for Spray Wax 60 Day Protection – Add $100 for Polymer Sealant 120 Day Protection. Add $150 for Express Ceramic Reboot 12 Month Protection

Headlight Restoration (1+ Year Protection)

$100 – $150

This Service Includes

Your vehicle’s headlights need to be in good condition to keep you and others safe on the highway. You also have a legal responsibility to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy. If you have any concerns about the appearance or functionality of your headlights Tidy Car Mobile Detailing can restore them to like new condition. Problems that you need to address include foggy-looking headlights or discoloration from too much exposure to strong sunlight.

UV rays affecting the acrylic headlight lens causes discoloration and oxidation. Headlights typically have a clear coating to reduce this effect, but it gradually wears away and the lens starts to discolor and oxidize. Heavy oxidation reduces light output from your car headlights and can increase the risk of accidents, particularly when driving at night. Our headlight restoration service can help to avoid this. This service includes:

  • Clean and prep headlights
  • Sand to remove oxidation and discoloration
  • Polish acrylic headlight lenses
  • Apply UV Clearcoat protection sealant
  • Protects up to 1 year or more

Price: $100 – $150 depending on size & condition of vehicle headlights.

Paint Corrections

(Vehicles MUST be dropped off and picked up)

Exterior Touch Ups

Location fee 12 Miles

Any vehicle 12 MILES AWAY from Birmingham MICHIGAN will be charged $35 on top of detail price

Excessive cleaning fee

All vehicles are ON CONDITION, $45 when a vehicle has the following: embedded sand, excessive staining on seats, carpet and headliner, crayon marks, hay, food, spilled drinks, vomit, pet waste, human waste, stained leather and shattered glass


At WoW Detailers, vehicle prices may vary based on their condition. An estimate will be provided upon our team’s in-person assessment. Please remove personal items, valuables, and child seats from the vehicle. If your vehicle is being picked up or dropped off, only leave the registration inside.

For detailed information, please refer to our policy page. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged valuables, personal items, or child seats once we have completed the detailing service and the vehicle is back in the owner’s possession. 

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